We are constantly bombarded with messages from multiple sources in our daily lives. Social media is the main culprit these days. I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook. I gave that up about 6 years ago and headed for Twitter. I never looked back and never missed it. More recently after 6 years on Twitter, I’ve decided to give abstaining from it a go.

After only a few weeks, the results have been surprising. I have not missed writing or reading tweets at all! My mind feels much clearer as it is not jam-packed full of the latest news, trends and what other people are up to. This gives me much more free time to actually work on the things I love. I am more mindful of the present moment. This also opens the door for you to spend time with people you want to in real life as opposed online.

If you feel that your life is overly busy, try giving up social media for a limited time and see what effect it has on your life.