We’ve all heard of people who have multiple shots of coffee. Two, three or even four shots in one go. This anecdote shares a somewhat more startling trend.

My wife, since listening to this, sent me through this article which has an even more bizarre tale. I love how Jasmine’s mum says this about her:

I have always stressed to my children the importance of moderation but Jasmine got caught out on this occasion.

But the comments section is a must read. Here’s a taste:

A fellow barista promised me she could drink more shots. I told her she was foolish. 27 shots were pulled for both of us as we gulped them shot for shot. She got woozy at 24 so I downed her last 3 making my count an even 30. They rushed her to the ER and I bolted to the bathroom. After shooting nasty acid out my mouth and meatloaf milkshake out my ass, I flew home on my Rockhopper, took a warm bath,. My coworker was sick for at least 2 days and I got the blame.