I was on my way to work on a crowded train. I was in one of those carriages where people sit in rows on either side as opposed to next to each other.

An old lady, maybe in her sixties, was making her way through the train. She suddenly trips and falls face-first onto the floor. She lands on the floor next to the lady sitting by me. We all get a fright.

In an instant, everyone put down their phones and unplugged their headphones. Many rushed to her aid and lifted her off the ground. It must have been an awful experience for her. Someone gave her a seat. She started laughing hysterically for about ten seconds. I saw a young lady give her a smile and a nod as if to say “you’re going to be okay.”

While what happened was horrible, it gave me hope. Hiding behind all those digital devices were people. Bona fide human beings who still cared.