The way you configure global plugins for SBT 1.x is different to how it used to be for SBT 0.13.x. In a previous article on How to Browse Scala Sources of your Dependencies from Sublime I recommended creating global plugin to override the dependencySrcUnzipDir setting by creating a CustomCtagsSrcDir.scala file under ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins:

import sbt._
import Keys._
import net.ceedubs.sbtctags.CtagsKeys._

object CustomCtagsSrcDir extends Plugin {
  override def settings = Seq(
    dependencySrcUnzipDir := baseDirectory.value / ".ctags_srcs"

This different to how it needs to be done in SBT 1.x.

To use sbt-ctags with SBT 1.x first clone the SBT 1x Compatibility PR that publishes sbt-ctags for SBT 1.x.

Next we need to publish this locally as the PR has not been merged as of this writing. This will install the sbt-ctags-0.2.1-SNAPSHOT:

sbt publishLocal

Add the sbt-ctags plugin to your ~/.sbt/1.0/plugins/plugins.sbt file to enable it globally:

addSbtPlugin("net.ceedubs" %% "sbt-ctags" % "0.2.1-SNAPSHOT")

Next override the location of your dependencySrcUnzipDir directory in ~/.sbt/1.0/global.sbt globally:

SbtCtagsKeys.dependencySrcUnzipDir := baseDirectory.value / ".ctags_srcs"

This is really neat. No more creating unnecessary classes to override settings.